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12 Responses to “Requests”

  1. bileyg Says:

    I have a problem with .exe made with blender 2.44. The Games stuck periodically and after it do not answer. My hardware is Toshiba Satellite Notebook with 1.8 Intel Centrino Duo and GeForce7600 video, Windows XP home as OS.

    I make tests on “Vehicle Test” – always is the same result in different time. I’ve copied the files You listed on Gameguide (added some) but I still don’t have positive result. Is the reason in my poor experience, or hard/soft incompatibleness? Or BGE is too “crashable”

    Please help me!

    With respect from Sankt-Petersburg, Russia

  2. Richard Perkins Says:

    Well, there are many solutions to your problem. It very well may be your hardware, but it also can be some other things. Here’s a list of things to try:

    Include any python files you use (because the game may not run without them in the directory).

    Make sure the game runs in Blender before saving a runtime. This is because some scripts and whatnot will have some sort of error in it, and may force the game to crash.

    Try to make sure that you have a working camera, and that the polycount isn’t too high (high polygon counts = low frame rate). This could be a possible cause.

    If none of these work, make sure you don’t have many programs & unimportant background tasks going on while you run the game, as this may also cause your game to crash.

    If it still crashes, the only thing I can say is re-install the latest version of Blender and create a new runtime with it. There may be something wrong with the version of Blender you’re using (perhaps something that went corrupt when you installed it).

  3. Johan Says:

    Here my problem: I fixed a kind of game of a Dutch windmill with Blender. (look at my website under “molen”)
    I made it for use with keyboard. But the one I made it for showed up with a touchscreen computer. How can I translate it for use with touchscreen?

  4. BGE Tutorials Says:

    Hmm… I’m not sure at how to do this, and it isn’t a big thing right now (the Wii-mote is). I cannot say that there is a plugin at this point (right now, Blender only supports mice, keyboards, and joysticks by default). You can use a touchscreen to make the games, but you’ll need a plugin (in which I don’t even know if it exists or not). I’m sorry if this isn’t the answer you’re looking for.

  5. Johan Says:

    Hallo BGE Tutorials,
    Thanks a lot for responsing to my question.
    I will finish my game in the usual way for keyboard and mouse.
    When I am finished I hope to show it on line.
    Thanks again.

  6. BGE Tutorials Says:

    No Problem. By the way, it’s still Richard Perkins, but I changed the username, for posting on other blogs.

  7. nicolas brown Says:

    i would like to know how to make a AI, i am tored of making my
    games with AIs that only does one particular thing.I would like more interactivity

  8. BGE Tutorials Says:

    AI can be very complicated. HERE‘s a simple tutorial on AI. The more interactive you AI is, the more complicated/difficult it becomes.

    Programming can get extremely complicated (think 1000+ lines of code per script). You must be very familiar with python, and programming in general. It is also suggested that you know algebra, trig, and some calculus to solve all the mathematics-related problems you will encounter (such as an enemy with a bow, trying to shoot you from afar).

    Try looking at the link I gave earlier, and try to understand it. From there, I think you should be able to do quite a bit with the given information.

    I sure hope this helps 🙂

  9. MB Says:

    i have been working with the BGE for about 2 years now
    and i know a fair bit about making games but i have a few problems

    (1)when i test my game and hit a wall or a cube or something my actor goes flying back can you help me.
    (2)when you make a game how do you make the player stay
    on the ground EXAMPLE – when i go over a bump actor sort of havers in the air for a bit before it comes down i think it has got to do with the radius but i could be wrong PLEASE HELP ME

  10. BGE Tutorials Says:

    Sorry for the really late response.

    (1) Try changing the bounds type, and tweaking values. I really can’t help out much more here.
    (2) Try changing the radius. Does it always take a long time before coming down? If so, check your gravity settings (Located in World Buttons: go to Shading, then click the world button). If this doesn’t work, check your logic bricks. Maybe you accidentally set a motion actuator to make the player hover?

    Hopefully this is helpful. If you keep having problems, join us at for a quicker response 😉

  11. Firis Says:

    Is there a python script to make controls for an xbox controller? B/C my uncle and I like to sync our 360 controllers to our computers. I was just wondering if such a thing existed Thx in advance!

  12. Kusmariini Says:

    Ok.. I am not very familiar with BGE (But I wanna be) and I know just the basics like how to move a character and stuff. But properties are big black hole in my BGE Knowledge. Can you link me a good site which has good tutorial(s) please? =)

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