This is a GameGuide made for creating a full game almost entirely in Blender, a free, powerful 3D modeling/animation/game engine application. If you are using another game engine, many of the tips & tricks I have scattered throughout the guide will still apply to any game engine, and you can still make meshes for your game engine thanks to the wonderful export tool that allows you to export to numerous different file formats. Another reason to still follow through is that I have some free goodies that I’ll be handing out. These “free goodies” include free textures, sounds/music, and even .blend files for you to use! By the end, I will have completed an entire game, as each example ties in with the next.


Part 1: How the Pros Do it
Part2: Planning
Part 3: Design
Part 4: Modeling
Part 5: Texturing
Part 6: Rigging/Animation
Part 7: Programming Intro
Part 8: Programming
Part 9: Programming (cont’d)
Part 10: Final Testing
Part 11: Creating an .EXE in Windows
Final Notes
Where to Go From Here

Need some help making your games? Gameblender .org can help!

2 Responses to “GameGuide”

  1. Lucas Says:

    Hey!! i want more of this guide, are you planning in continue it?

  2. Ob Says:

    Hey so I want to follow your tutorial but parts 4-10 are unlinked or unavailable. Are they being worked on or what?

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