Q: What is BGE Tutorials?
A: BGE Tutorials (Blender game engine tutorials) is a small site with all sorts of tutorials for making your own game in Blender.

Q: Who runs it?
A: Currently, only its creator, Richard Perkins.

Q: What’s Blender?
A: Blender is a free 3D modeling/animation/game creation program.

Q: What is a .Blend file, and why do you have them in the tutorials?
A: .Blend is the filetype that Blender uses. They have been included in the tutorial for you to be able to compare what you have to what you should have.

Q: Theres an error with one of your tutorials, how can I tell you?
A: Leave a comment, and we will work on it.

Q: How do I leave a comment?
A:  At the bottom of each and every tutorial, you will find three fields. Fill out the name and mail forms (website is optional), and enter your message. When you’re done, click “Submit Content” button, and the message will be put on the page.

Q: I have an idea for a tutorial. How can I request it?
A: Email us the idea at bgetutorials [at] live.com

Q: What’s with the [at] thing, when you mention your e-mail?
A: This is the way you should post your email address. This prevents companies from finding out your email, selling the email address, and getting hundreds of spam messages.

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