Introduction to BBCode

BBCode (bulletin board code) is code that is used on boards, such as the PHPBB bulletin board systems, and has about the same functions as HTML. This tutorial is specific, but the tags are the same as any other site that supports BBCode.

This tag will display the full url in the link. Just replace my URL with the URL you are linking to.


what you get:

Named Links
This tag will allow you to link to any URL, and name it. Replace “” with the URL that you are linking to, and replace “LINK” with what you want the link to say.


What you get:


This tag will add images to your posts. Just replace my URL with yours.


What you get:

Linked Images

This is a combination of the Link and image tags. Take a look:


What you get:

Changing text color

These tags will change the text color. Just replace the 000000 with the hex code  of the color you want (you can find this with MS Paint, or Photoshop by clicking on the color palette, and choosing your color. There is a HEX field somewhere, just copy & paste the number into the tag).

[color=#000000]Type your text here[/color]

What you get:

Type your text here

(Note: It looks like nothing has changed, but I assure you, the Hex code I used was for black (#000000). White is

You can also try adding words like “red” or “blue” instead of the hex colors. Each computer can read these values, but the
Hex code is different for each computer.

[color=”red”]Type your text here[/color]

What you get:

Type your text here

 Bold, Italic, and Underline Tags
You can also use bold, italic, and underline tags to manipulate your text. Here are the different tags:

  •  Bold: [b]Type your text here[/b]

What you get:

Type your text here

  • Italic: [i]Type your text here[/i]

What you get:

Type your text here

  • Underlined: [u]Type your text here[/u]

What you get:

Type your text here

Displaying Codes
You can display codes in BBCode, by using the following function

Type your text here

What you get:

Type your text here

(Note: The code will be inside of a box on bulletin boards. I am using HTML to display this.

You always have to have smileys in a forum. On the forums, there's a limited supply, but here are some I have collected thus far(be sure to remove the # sign, when using these codes):

#:lol: =
#:D =
#:cool: =
#:P =
#:( =
#:) =
#:| = 
#:o =
#:/ =
#;) =
#:mad: =

Why can't I use some BBCodes on
There are a lot of fun BBCodes out there that are blocked from use with the site's forums, such as the  and [list] tags. I have no
power over this, I guess you'll just have to make due with what you do have.


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