Converting Stereo .wav to Mono .wav

Blender uses only mono .wav files for 3D sound(3D sound tutorial). If you try to use stereo .wav files for 3D sound, you will not experience any difference with the 3D sound settings than you would with normal sound settings. In this tutorial,
you will learn how exactly how to change a stereo .wav file to a mono .wav file with Audacity.

Step 1: Download Audacity

Go download Audacity from their website and install it. When you have everything all set, open up the program.

Step 2: Open File

Press Ctrl + O (or File -> Open) and browse for the file you’re looking for.

Step 3: Splitting the track

Click the arrow on the track, and select “Split Track”.

Now, delete the bottom track, by clicking the  button.

Step4: Setting the track as mono

Now we can set the track as mono. Press the  arrow on the track again, and select “Mono”, like so:

Step 5: Exporting the .Wav

Finally, we can export the .wav. Go to File -> Export as Wav, like so:

All that is left for you to do is to save the file wherever you want, and viola! There you have it. I hope this was useful for you.


8 Responses to “Converting Stereo .wav to Mono .wav”

  1. SamaraRegion Says:

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  2. Dave Says:

    Great post – saved me a load of time! Thanks

  3. Nice Says:

    very helpful

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  7. Eron Says:

    If you delete the right channel you will be left with only the sound in the left channel. This may not be of concern if converting a single sound source like a voice recording. However, if you want to convert a stereo file to mono without losing one of the channels, just skip the second part of step 3 (deleting bottom track), and convert both channels to mono. When you export the file the left mono and right mono will merge into a single mono track without losing any of the sounds on one of the channels. Thus, you can listen to your jazz recording on headphones without feeling lopsided (since the drums are on one channel and the soloists on the other) and without losing the drums or saxophone altogether.

  8. musti Says:

    Thanks, you helped me solve my Skype ringtone problem. When I opened my .wav file in Audacity, I saw it was 22 kHz and not 44 kHz. I made a selection, saved it and it works in Skype. Turned out my file was already mono. Skype won’t play stereo .wav files. Apparently, it won’t work with .wav files that are mono with only one channel either.
    Thanks again 🙂

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